About the COOC Seal

Trust the Seal and look for it on every bottle of EVOO

The COOC Seal Guarantees

  • 100% Extra Virgin grade
  • 100% of the olives are grown in California
  • Mandatory, stringent chemical and sensory analysis required of COOC members each harvest.
  • Highest chemical testing standards in the world.

What is the Certification Process?

To gain COOC certification, an oil must comply with requirements of both a chemical analysis and a sensory evaluation. COOC member producers must undertake this process following every harvest to ensure their oil meets the criteria to be considered extra virgin grade. Additionally, the Seal Certification Program guarantees traceability. Through participation in the program, an oil is verified to be from the most recent harvest and produced only from olives grown in California.

Standards & Requirements

All COOC members who produce or label an oil as extra virgin must comply with the COOC Standards & Requirements annually under the Seal Certification Program. Chemistry testing by an approved laboratory is required as a first screen to determine if an oil is extra virgin. Levels for the required chemistry testing are among the strictest requirements worldwide.

Sensory Analysis: The COOC Taste Panel

After proof of an oil’s chemical requirements has been verified, the oil then must undergo a sensory analysis. The COOC Taste Panel samples each oil in a blind setting to ascertain that the oil qualifies as free of defects, an important requirement in achieving extra virgin grade.

The COOC panel was established in 1998 and is a recognized panel with the American Oil Chemists Society and the International Olive Council.

Meeting the Criteria

An oil only qualifies to display the COOC Seal once it has met both chemical and sensory criteria.
Seal Certification is a process which is ongoing following every harvest.

View our list of certified oils to ensure you are using the freshest, most delicious olive oil available.

It truly is personal and prideful for me to receive the Seal! This verification further motivates us to continue the journey of discovery of how to grow and farm olive trees, and how to produce authentic, world-class extra virgin olive oil.

—Albert Katz, Katz Farm