Why California Extra Virgin Olive Oil?


Only in California can you find the breadth of diverse and varied microclimates to grow more than 75 varietals of olives. That means unique, nuanced and varied flavor profiles.

Fresh & Heathy

COOC certified California extra virgin olive oils are delivered fresh, flavorful and loaded with antioxidants and other beneficial plant compounds – making them one of the healthiest superfoods available.


The farmers who call California home are committed to nourishing the earth and producing vibrant, sustainable and extraordinary tasting olive oils.

Quality You Can Trust

90% of California extra virgin olive oil is certified by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC). When you see the COOC Seal you can be assured it’s of the highest quality.

Trust the Seal

California holds the highest standard in the world for extra virgin olive oil. Trust the COOC Seal and look for it on every bottle of olive oil you are considering purchasing.

When you see the COOC seal it means it has passed the most stringent quality assurance testing in the world and is 100% California grown.

The seal is your guarantee for freshness and truth in labelling.

Fresher Is Better

Extra virgin olive oil tastes best – and is best – when it’s consumed fresh. Extra virgin olive oil should be used within 18 months of harvest, so check the label to see when the olives were harvested.
And remember, exposure to light dramatically shortens an oil’s shelf life, so look for extra virgin olive oils sold in dark glass or tin to ensure the freshest experience.

Your Essential Ingredient

In regards to health and flavor EVOO is one of the most valuable items in your pantry.

Extra virgin olive oil is 100% juice of the olive. High in polyphenols it’s packed with antioxidants and healthy mono-unsaturated fats. These healthy components play a protective role against many diseases.

Your health is important to us and our seal guarantees that what’s in your hand is extra virgin grade.

Trust the COOC seal to deliver.

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